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About Me:

I’ve been drinking hot cocoa, tea and coffee all my life. Or at least it seems that way!  I can remember traveling with my dad, when I was about 8 years old. We stopped at a restaurant for a meal, and when the waitress asked for our drink order, I asked for hot tea.

The waitress looked at my dad for permission to bring me such an adult beverage. He simply nodded and asked for cream along with the tea. That was my first realization that most kids didn’t order hot tea with their meals!

In the years since, I’ve ordered many adult beverages at many restaurants and coffee shops the world over. I’ve tasted a wide variety of coffee and tea. My goal is to share some of that experience with you.

About the Site:

You’ll find so much information here!

  • Product reviews, where you’ll learn what I like and don’t like about a coffee or tea related product.
  • Recipes for coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks, snacks and other foods that are closely related to coffee and tea.
  • Book reviews, there is a library full of books on the subject and I’ll share my opinions on those books with you.
  • Shopping, links to purchase the specific items I’ve discussed and other related coffee and tea products.

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